this is an open source replacement of the original www.xbox-skins.net downloader for UnleashX
it was reverse engineered and rewritten by me to enable built-in skin and preview downloading again on UnleashX
there is no frontend for this website, only the backend services for UnleashX's skin & preview downloaders

full skin downloader support with an organized & sorted skin archive (originally found here)
full preview downloader support with game previews (originally found here)
most of the skins are from the original www.xbox-skins.net (around 2004 - 2008)

you can view the source code here
to use the skin downloader, go to system > skins, press Y, and then select "Xbox-Skins.net"
then, choose skins to download (preview it with the black button), then press the start button to download
to use the preview downloader, navigate to a game, press start, select "edit item", scroll to preview, press start, and select "Download Online"
to actually see the preview, use a skin that supports them (like UnleashRed), you can find it in the skin downloader :)


skin downloader:

if, previously (before november 11th, 2023), your xbox locked up after downloading a skin, this should now be fixed
if you just get an empty skin list (or an HTTP 404 error), make sure you're choosing "Xbox-Skins.net", and not "AllXboxSkins.com"
if it says "Downloaded 0 Skins" after downloading a skin, make sure the drive your Skins folder is in (usually E:) has enough storage space, and make sure that you're running UnleashX off of a hard drive as your main dashboard

preview downloader:

if clicking "Download Online" does nothing, simply try again, it's an UnleashX bug
if it says "Can't find downloadable content for X", it's likely a homebrew game or not in the preview index (which i don't plan to add to)
previews inherently have somewhat bad quality, it's hard to encode an xmv and not have it be too big to download or too high quality for UnleashX to play


i did not make UnleashX, this is just a hobby project to bring back xbox-skins.net functionality on UnleashX
i did not make any of the skins here, ALL of them are from the www.xbox-skins.net archive on archive.org
i am unable to add features to the UnleashX side of this (e.g. a search feature, or a sorting feature) since all unleash does is ask this website for a list of skins
what skins/previews you download is unknown information to me, request logs (really unimportant information to me) exist in the source code but are now (as of June 7th, 2024) disabled on the server
made by shy (thanks for checking it out!)
source code here